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Adonay Sissay

Graduate Assistant

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The research is based on strong field ionization of atoms and molecules to model ionization dynamics. Ab-initio TD-DFT theory is utilized to study this charge dynamics which takes place in the femto to atto second time scale. The functional we employ is a unique system dependent tuned-range separated hybrid functional (LC-PBE*) which is capable of describing the short range and long range Coulomb potential more accurately. Moreover, Gaussian-type orbital (GTO) basis sets are employed in a linear combination of atomic orbitals (LCAO) to describe our systems. We use ac and dc fields to cause charge ionization which are applied at different angles of light polarizations. This theory/computational work is done in collaboration with the physics department at LSU and with external experimental collaborators at University of Virginia and the Ohio State University. We use an in-house customized NWChem software package to do our simulations.

Ph.D. Chemistry (expected), Louisiana State University
B.S. Chemistry, Southern University